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There are no face-to face courses scheduled at the moment because of the Covid-19 restrictions
We hope to resume our programme before the end of 2021
In the meantime...

Are you required to umpire for 5 or 10 overs at the weekend? Are you confident in the white coat? If not we can help…
Designed to help you during your 10 over stint of umpiring on game day, the ECBACO ‘Basics of Umpiring’ resource contains the umpiring basics ranging from the key Laws to basic field craft. Use this resource as you wish, view it once or return frequently throughout the season to refresh your knowledge

You can find it online here

The ECBACO Stage One Umpiring course (normally face-to-face) is now online. It's all self-learning and free and you can do it in your own time

Register to get access here

The ECBACO Stage Two Umpiring course online is now available

Our first two courses are up and running

If you'vce completed Stage One face-to-face or online and want to continue your training, e-mail Peter Williams, our Education Officer for more information


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