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20th May

On Saturday 22nd May, a first. Our W&G officer Anna Harris and Yvonne Dolphin-Cooper from Somerset will be umpiring a Division 1 SWPCL match - St Fagan's v Pontarddulais
More here

10th April

Following the Welsh Government's announcement that outdoor adult sport can now resume on 26th April, the SWPCL Management Committee has confirmed that the league season will start as scheduled on Saturday 1st May and that matches will remain at 50 overs for 1st XIs
Detailed guidance from WG and Cricket Wales will issue after 22nd April but it can be assumed that the "adapted game" will be played for at least part of the season - no teas, no changing rooms, regular sanitisation, maximum 30 participants, no spectators etc.
If more than 4 rounds of matches are lost because of the reimposition of restrictions, promotion and relegation will be cancelled.
If there are local lockdowns or a a club is forced to self-isolate, the Management Committee will review the position on a case-by-case basis.

7th March 2021
47 people in attendance

Officers for 2021
Chairman: John Furnham
Secretary: Phil Haines
Treasurer: Peter Williams
Education /Training Officer: Peter Williams
Appointments/Allocation Officer: Bob Szpadt
Scorers Representative: Kevin Probert
Safeguarding Officer: Peter Williams
Development Officer: Wyn Morgan
Women & Girls Officer: Anna Harris

The meeting approved an amendment to the Constitution to incorporate Disciplinary provisions and the Management Committee adopted a Code of Conduct. The current versions of these documents are linked from the Homepage of the website.

28th February 2021

Officers for 2021

Chairman: Jon Kinsey
Vice-chairman: John Furnham
Secretary: Phil Haines
Treasurer: Lyn Hall
Appointments: Bob Szpadt
Scorers: Morgan Barrell
Committee: Dean Price & Simon Green

25th February 2021

Officers for 2021

Chairman: Jeff Evans
Vice-chairman: Rhodri Jones
Secretary: Richard Lewis
Treasurer: Ian J Phillips
Development: Duncan Williams
Education: Peter Williams
Scorers: Lucy Rees

1st January 2021

ECBACO National AGM is online
15:00 24th January 2021
Registration link in the 17th December 2020 "Over and Out" email
No access without registration

A reminder that the Basics of Umpiring, Basics of Scoring and Stage One Umpiring courses are all available free of charge online - see here for link

9th December 2020

SWCA AGM made some playing rule changes
In summary:
All league matches now start at 12:30
In Division 4 and below, flexible start time up to 14:00 by agreement
Default finish times and agreed cancellation window advanced by 30 minutes
In the main Cup, ECB T20 generic rules will now be used
Intermediate Cup rules unchanged
Coloured clothing optional in all Divisions
Pink ball to be trialled in Division 1

18th October 2020

We are pleased to report that John Furnham has been appointed
as chairman of Wales ACO

15th October 2020

We are pleased to report that Jeff Evans, the recently retired 1st class umpire, has been installed as chairman of SWWACO

11th September 2020

We are sorry to report that, having suffered severe head injuries in an accident yesterday, Margaret Haines (wife of our secretary Phil) passed away today.
Our condolences to Phil

26th August 2020

The ACO nationally has just released details of face-to-face officials training courses run across the 39 member counties since 1st September 2019.

We are pleased to report that Wales ACO trained more people face-to-face over the winter than any other county except Yorkshire.

We ran 6 scorer courses and 7 umpiring courses with a total of 133 attenders - some attending more than one course.

28th April 2020

SWPCL management committee meeting

No promotion or relegation in 2020

Fixture lists and match formats to be reviewed when the lockdown ends

For technical reasons, fixtures to the end of June have been REMOVED from play-cricket
If they were recorded as cancelled, the system would award points

16th March 2020

We've had to postpone all further official training courses because of the Corona virus.

That means no Cricketeens for the time being but we will try and re-instate later in the year

The Stage 2 courses at Ynystawe and Whitland on 22nd March are cancelled as live courses but will be run online. Participants will be notified of the revised procedure

The Introductory Course at Bala on 5th April is postponed

27th January 2020

SEWACO AGM appointments

Chairman: Jonathan Kinsey
Vice Chairman: John Furnham
Secretary: Phil Haines
Appointments Secretary: Bob Szpadt
Treasurer: Lyn Hall
Scorers Officer: Morgan Barrell
Committee Members: Simon Green and Dean Price


26th January 2020

Wales ACO AGM Appointments

Chairman: Scott Wilks
County Appointments Officer: Bob Szpadt
County Development Officer: Wyn Morgan
County Scorers Officer: Kevin Probert
County Education Officer: Peter Williams
County Treasurer: Peter Williams
County Secretary: Phil Haines
County Welfare Officer: Peter Williams
Women & Girls Officer: Anna Harris
Junior Development Officer: Vacant

9th January 2020

SWWACO AGM appointments

Chairman: Scott Wilks
Vice-chairman: Vacant
Secretary: Richard Lewis
Treasurer: Ian Phillips
Performance Officer: Duncan Williams
Education Officer: Peter Williams

6th January 2020

Rhodri Jones added to the ECB National Panel for 2020

Well done him

Dean Price & Paul Evans re-appointed for 2020

Well done them too


11th December


Coloured clothing will be optional in 2020 for all teams. Probable change to pink balls. All players must be in the same uniform.

Leg side wides introduced in Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

Responsibility for determining the fitness of the ground and conditions passes to League appointed umpires immediately upon the arrival of either of them, if more than one, at the ground.

In computing the time taken, umpires will take into account interruptions caused by injury, lost balls, frequent movement of sightscreens and other unavoidable delays.  Under Law 11 of the Laws of Cricket, drinks breaks are now official intervals and do not count as playing time.

The WWCA has disbanded and Bryn CC; Gorseinon CC 3rd XI; Gowerton CC 3rd XI; Llangennech CC 3rd XI; Penlan CC; Penllergaer CC; Pontarddulais CC 3rd XI; Port Talbot Town CC 3rd XI; Swansea CC 3rd XI; Swansea CS CC 3rd XI; Waunarlwydd CC; Ynysygerwn CC 3rd XI have been admitted to the SWCA. Revised league structure to be determined at the next Management Committee meeting.



2nd December


Coloured clothing will be optional in 2020 for all teams - both 1st and 2nd XIs. Orange balls to continue. All players must be in the same uniform.

Change to the interrupted match rules, which will now work on time left instead of time lost.

Bouncers above shoulder height limited to two per over.

2020 fixtures now on the SWPCL play-cricket website.

If Glamorgan players are available, 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 and 2-2 will be allowed but not 2-0.


22nd August

Funeral Arrangements for John Williams.
The service will be on Friday 30th August at 2pm at Gilead Chapel, Maidenwells, Pembroke SA71 5EX, followed by interment in the graveyard.
Refreshments afterwards in The Highgate Inn, Hundleton.

Family flowers only, donations in lieu of Wales Air Ambulance, University Hospital, Cardiff and Withybush Hospital Intensive Care Units maybe sent to:
Steve Williams, Dyffryn, Cricket Grove, Hundleton, Pembroke, SA71 5RW


15th August

We regret to report that John Williams, from Hundleton in Pembrokeshire, who was hit on the head by a ball when umpiring Pembroke v Narberth on 13th July, passed away earlier today.

John was taken by air ambulance to the University Hospital of Wales at Cardiff following the incident and remained there in Intensive Care for several weeks before being transferred to Withybush Hospital at Haverfordwest local to his home.

Our condolences to his wife Hilary and their family.

26th April

SWPCL agree to T20 festival fees of £60, fixed until the end of the 2021 season. There are some conditions.

1. All three umpires appointed for the day must arrive before the scheduled start time of the first match and remain until the last game has finished. This is to ensure the smooth running of the festivals and ensure that there is cover for injury.
2. If the umpires attend but no games are played due to the weather the fee is £30.
3. If only two games are completed/partly completed the fee is £40.
5. For finals day, where three pairs of umpires will be appointed, the fee will remain at £25.

Anyone unwilling to accept these conditions should decline their appointment.

17th April

SWPCL agree to increase umpires' fees to £50 per match. This fee will be fixed until the end of the 2021 season

10th April

SWCA agree umpires' fees of £40 each for two standing and £60 for an umpire standing on his own, provided that he stands at the bowler's end throughout the match. This brings the fees into line with SEWCL

1st April

DBS advice from ECB Safeguarding if you've been abroad for more than 3 months

The following is from Ieuan Watkins, Cricket Wales Welfare Officer

"You will be aware that individuals carrying out 'Regulated Activity' within cricket who have lived abroad will be required to obtain an overseas police check alongside their UK DBS certificate.  Regulated Activity within Cricket includes a number of roles, including Captain, Coach, Umpire etc.  The list can be found on a very useful webpage provided by the ECB with everything else you need here: 

I have had an enquiry this morning regarding when does a 'holiday' abroad become 'living' abroad - ie how long does someone have to be abroad before this is classed as being 'resident'?   The guidance I have received today is that the period is three months in any single location in any 12 months.  

a UK based coach working in New Zealand for two months, then Australia for two months, then Sri Lanka for 2 months before returning to Regulated Activity in Welsh Cricket - UK DBS only.
a UK based umpire working in New Zealand for three months and one day returning to Regulated Activity in Welsh Cricket - Overseas Police Check/Certificate as well as UK DBS.
A New Zealand based coach coming to the UK to coach and play cricket - Overseas Police Check/Certificate as well as UK DBS (with additional Home Office entry requirements below).

Alongside the DBS/Police Checks issue, there is additional guidance from the ECB regarding Government expectations for non EU citizens using the Points Based Migration System - whether this will change with the political situation remains to be seen, but it should be considered as the law until we hear otherwise, details can be found here: 
Clubs are advised to allow sufficient time for entry clearance to be granted. The time needed to obtain entry clearance may vary depending upon where the player is applying.

Please circulate through your networks, as it is important that all clubs are aware of this."


26th March

The new 2019 version of the blue Law book is now in stock. HQ confirm that it will NOT be distributed with the magazine. Wales ACO has purchased a copy for every member in Wales. These copies will be distributed free of charge via your local branch. Anyone wanting a second copy will be charged £2.50. Payment for second copies on delivery.

Our chairman has negotiated an exclusive clothing offer for Wales ACO badged leisure wear. See Clothing page.

5th March

MCC launch a new Concussion training module here


3rd March

Dr Andrew Hignell, Glamorgan scorer and ECB development lead with the Play Cricket Scorer Pro program writers, ran a PCSP course for us at St Asaph CC today. Many thanks to him for taking the time and since he's at the sharp end of PCSP development, he's the man. Course organised by Thelma Eden for the ACO.

9 attenders for a Stage 1 umpiring course at Ynystawe CC. They're all coming back for Stage 2 on 17th March feat. We must be doing something right!


1st March

11 attenders for an Introductory Umpiring course
at The Sexton Arms, Llansadwrn, après cricket home of Llanwrda CC

26th Feb 2019

Preliminary Round Welsh Cup draw here

25th Feb 2019

The ECB is working on Guidelines in relation to the new Beamer Law 41.7 and in relation to concussion. It is hoped that these Guidelines will be available before the season starts

24th Feb 2019

WACO AGM at Port Talbot Bulldogs BCA

The following officers were elected:-

Chairman Scott Wilks
Secretary Philip Haines
Education Officer Peter Williams
Treasurer Peter Williams
Appointments Officer Bob Szpadt
Development Officer Wyn Morgan
Scorers Officer Kevin Probert
Welfare Officer Peter Williams

22nd February

MCC reports:

The 2019 blue Law books are currently being printed and should be available very shortly.

The new edition of Tom Smith's is being proof-read and will be published before the start of the season.

Wales ACO plans to bulk buy and sell on at a discounted price.